dr. kelly romero comprehensive health program

Naturopathic Comprehensive Care Programs

Experience an all-inclusive approach to your healthcare.

Dr. Romero has developed comprehensive programs that address all of the elements needed to achieve optimal health, such as nutrition counseling, lifestyle changes, medication and supplement management, lab tests, natural therapies, and regenerative medicine treatments.

Each program offers an individualized treatment plan with an integrative and holistic perspective. Accomplish your optimal state of health with a comprehensive care program.

Dr. Romero offers a free 10-minute introductory consultation to help you decide which program is right for you.

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Regenerative Medicine Programs for Joint Pain

Dextrose-based Prolotherapy for weak tendons and ligaments. Learn more about the Prolotherapy Optimization Program. 

Heal with your own Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy. Learn more about the PRP Optimization Program.

Get high potency growth factors with placental-derived allograft products. Learn more about the MSC Optimization Program.

Regenerative Medicine Programs for Sports Medicine

Regenerative Medicine Programs for Anti-Aging

Regrow your hair with regenerative medicine. Learn more about the Hair Restoration Program.